Audited Farms/Companies


This table is updated on an “as needed” basis.  The intent of this table is to list the names of farms/greenhouses/packing houses in Hawai‘i that have a current food safety audit as administered by a third-party auditing organization.  Listing a company in this table does not constitute an endorsement or guarantee (real or implied) of any kind by any entity.  This site is for information purposes only and both businesses and consumers are fully responsible for their choices.

Farm/Facility Name Area Audit Type Auditing Entity
Current Audit Expires Website Crops / Business Phone
Armstrong Produce, Ltd. Kona Branch Kona Packinghouse Primuslabs 1/10/20 Fresh Fruits and Vegetables 808.331.2601
Crown Pacific Internartional Kapolei Farm Primuslabs 7/16/20 Basil, Ginger 808.935.1550
Calavo Growers, Inc. Hawaii Operations Keaau Treatment/Distribution Center


USDA/HI Dept of Agriculture 11/12/20


Post-harvest Treatment/Guava Papaya Puree, Papaya Packinghouse  808.982.8880
Diamond Head Papaya Co. Keaau Packinghouse USDA/HI Dept. Agriculture 7/9/20 Papaya 808.966.7406
Hamakua Heritage Farm Laupahoehoe Greenhouse, Harvest Crew, Packinghouse Primuslabs Mushrooms 808.962.0017
Hawaiian Fresh Products Hilo Packinghouse USDA/HI Dept. Agriculture 7/5/20 Papaya 808.961.5580
Kane Plantation Hawaii Honaunau USDA Harmonized Field and Packhouse USDA 5/1/20 Avocados 808-765-4351
Kawamata Tomatoes Kamuela Greenhouse, Harvest Crew, Packinghouse PrimusLabs 4/16/20 Tomatoes 808.885.4701
Wailea Ag Group Honomu Farm, Packinghouse USDA/HI Dept. Agriculture 11/2/20 Link Palm Heart, Avocado, Lychee, Carambola, Citrus, Mangosteen, Rambutan
Y Hirayama Farm Kamuela Farm USDA/HI Dept Agriculture 11/1/20 Cabbage, lettuce, romaine, nappa 808.987.3379
Kailani Farms Kilauea Farm USDA/HI Dept Agriculture 11/13/20 Organic Ginger, Arugula. Kale, Mizuna, Salad Mix tumeric 808.639.1955
Kolo Kai Organics Kilauea Farm USDA/HI Dept Agriculture 4/16/20 Organic Ginger, Tumeric 808.828.1712
Haliimaile Pineapple Co. Makawao Farm/Harvest Crew


Primuslabs 1/15/20

8/2019 Pineapple 808.871.0380
Kula Country Farms, LLC Kula Farm /Harvest Crew Primuslabs 2/14/20 Onion, Strawberry 808.878.8381
Kula Produce Co., Ltd Kahului Packinghouse w/ HACCP Primuslabs 2/14/20 Fresh Fruits and Vegetables 808.871.6232
Pacific Produce dba Waipoli Greens Makawao Farm, Harvest Crew Primuslabs 5/7/20 Hydroponic lettuce and watercress 808.283.8091
Aloun Farms Ewa, Kunia Farm Primuslabs 1/16/21 Asian Veg, melons, Cabbage, Onion, Corn, Squash, Eggplant, Broccoli 808.677.9516
Armstrong Produce Ltd. Honolulu Packinghouse PrimusGFS 11/12/20 Link Fresh Fruits and Vegetables 808.538.7051
D Otani Produce Honolulu Wholesale & Distribution


Merieux NutriSciences Certification 6/18/20 Fresh Fruits and Vegetables 808.832.9600
Dole Pineapple Co. Wahiawa Farm


Primuslabs Pineapple
Finest Foods Honolulu Processing w/ HACCP Primuslabs 8/28/20 Cut Produce 808.848.0365
First Rate Plantation Ewa Farm Primuslabs 12/6/20 Sweet and Thai Basil 808.348.5199
Glory Herb Hawaii Waianae Farm PrimusGFS 5/29/20 Rosemary, Sweet and Thai Basil 808.840.0283
Green Produce Waianae Farm USDA/HI Dept Agriculture 4/25/20 Sweet and Thai Basil 808.381.8399
Ham Produce & Seafood Honolulu Plant System Audit Packinghouse/Processing with HACCP USDA 9/26/20 Fresh and Cut Fruits and Vegetables 808.842.7171
Harvest Farm Waianae Farm PrimusGFS 11/12/20 Herbs, Green Onion 808.847.8745
Hawaii China Import Export Waianae Farm USDA/HI Dept Agriculture 9/3/20 Herbs, Italian and Thai Basil 808-0703
Honolulu Ship Supply Honolulu Packinghouse/Processing PrimusGFS 11/30/19 Fresh and Cut Fruits and Vegetables 808.845.4600
HPC Foods Honolulu Distribution Center, Processing Primuslabs 6/1/20 Fresh and Cut Vegetables
Iliili Farm Waianae Organic Aquaponics Farm Food Safety Certifiers 4/26/20 Organic Bok Choi, Herbs, Salad Blend, Chinese vegetables, various lettuces 808.478-0245
James D. Swoish, Inc. Honolulu  Wholesale/Packinghouse PrimusGFS 11/29/20 Fresh and Cut Fruits and Vegetables 808.847.7377
Kamiya Gold Laie Farm USDA/HI Dept Agriculture 9/23/20 Kahuku Papaya 808.679.8307
Kunia Country Farms Kunia USDA Harmonized GAP USDA 11/14/20 Red, Green, Manoa, Romaine Lettuce 917.319.0817
Macdonald & Porter Honolulu

Wholesale Distribution Center USDA/ HI Dept Agriculture 3/10/21 Fruits & Vegetables 808.591.8955
Manson Products  Co. Honolulu Packinghouse w/ HACCP Primuslabs



2/12/21 Fresh Fruits and Vegetables 808.847.3338
Mari’s Garden Mililani Harmonized Aquaponic Farm USDA 10/23/20 Apple banana, mango, cukes,cherry tomato, Cilantro, lettuce 808.625.2800
Matsuda Fukuyama Farm Kahuku Farm USDA/ HI Dept Agriculture 2/13/21 Long Eggplant Papaya 808.783.1093
NSEVP-IDEC Farm Waimanalo GroupGAP Harmonized Farm USDA 12/10/20 Greenhouse Tomato
NSEVP-Sunshine Herbs Laie GroupGAP Harmonized Farm USDA 12/10/20 Basil 808.219.7777
Sugarland Distribution Kunia Packinghouse USDA 4/12/20 Tomatoes 808.688.2892
Sugarland Growers Kunia Farm USDA/HI Dept Agricuture 10/18/20 Watermelon, Tomatoes, Cabbage, Nappa, Bell Peppers 808.688.2892
Twin Bridge Farm Haleiwa Farm USDA/ HI Dept Agriculture 12/16/20 Asparagus 808.864.6477
Waialua Growers Haleiwa  Farm Harmonized Plus USDA 10/14/20 Green Onion, Herbs, 808.847.8745