Audit Services Program


The HDOA’s Commodities Branch conducts USDA audits for fresh fruit and vegetable producers. As an independent third party, the HDOA inspectors act on behalf of the USDA to perform the audit. The types of audits provided by HDOA are listed below. 

The mission of the Audit Services Program is to provide a uniformly applied national program for the fresh produce industry. To view which farms in Hawaii have been audited by the HDOA auditing team, click on the tab Audited Farms/Companies.

How to Request an On-Farm Audit

If you would like to request an on-farm audit for your operation, you must:

  1. Name someone—you or other farm management staff—as your food safety officer. That officer must be present at the time of the audit, and must know your food safety practices in complete detail. Not having a food safety officer will result in automatic failure on your audit.
  2. Have your food safety plan and recordkeeping in order. A documented food safety plan is required to pass a GAP audit. Complete prior to requesting an audit.
  3. Schedule an audit by calling the HDOA Commodities Branch on your island
    Oahu – (808) 832-0700 Maui – (808) 873-3554
    Hilo – (808) 974-6514 Kauai – (808) 241-7133
  4. Make your request for your initial audit no later than two (2) weeks prior to the end of the growing/ harvesting/ packing season. Note: If you are seeking to certify only one crop with a short production season (e.g., strawberries), you may want to schedule your audit for the very start of your production season so that you can sell a GAP-certified product throughout the season. If you are certifying multiple crops, schedule your audit so that the auditor is visiting your farm when you have the largest variety of crops being harvested.
  5. Complete and sign an Agreement for Participation in Audit Services and Request for Audit Services form.

Fee Schedule

Currently the fee is $108.00 per hour for any audit or audit related visit.
An annual $50 USDA Administrative fee will also be charged on your initial annual audit.

Inspection   $108.00/hour
Travel   $108.00/hour


    • USDA Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Audit Programs
      USDA Website
    • Guide to Minimize Microbial Food Safety Hazards for Fresh Fruit and Vegetables
      Industry Guide
    • Agreement for Participation in Audit Services (Form SC-651)
      Agreement Form
    • Request For Audit Services Form (Form SC-237A)
      Request Form